Seven Marks of a Disciple


Seven Marks

Jesus Christ commanded us to go into the world and make disciples. Bell Shoals Baptist Church is committed to that Biblical mandate. Our mission is simple: we want to follow Jesus, love people and make disciples. Discipleship produces seven measurable characteristics, or marks, that identify us as maturing followers of Jesus. This study, designed to be completed in a one-to-one discipleship relationship, will help you identify these marks and will provide an encouraging environment in which to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

When you complete the study, you will be equipped to share this study with another person.  Experiencing spiritual growth in your own life and then helping another disciple grow produces joy that is contagious, and is a very practical way to follow Jesus, love people, and make disciples!

May God bless you and those you disciple as you begin this adventure with Him.

The 7 Marks of a Disciple Study Guide can be purchased for a cost of $5 at Bell Shoals Baptist Church at the Moving Forward Booth on Sunday mornings or at the church office (8am - 5pm M-F). A copy can also be downloaded below at no charge.  



Mark #1 PDF
Companion Video: "How Jesus Sets Hearts on Fire"

Mark #2  A Disciple...Strives to Become More Like Jesus

Mark #2 PDF
Companion Video:  "How People Can Tell You've Been with Jesus"

Mark #3  A Disciple...Participates in Relational Discipleship

Mark #3 PDF
Companion Video:  "How to Help Someone Follow Jesus"

Mark #4  A Disciple...Gathers with the Church to Worship

Mark # 4 PDF
Companion Video:  "How to Participate in Your Church"

Mark #5  A Disciple...Exercises Spiritual Gifts to Serve

Mark # 5 PDF
Companion Video:  "How to Make Your Life Matter" 

Mark #6  A Disciple...Gives Sacrificially and Generously

Mark # 6 PDF
Companion Video:  "How to Become a Generous Person"

Mark #7  A Disciple...Lives Missionally

Mark # 7 PDF
Companion Video:  "How God Can Use You Where You Are"


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