Come to the Cross


The Cross stands as a powerful symbol of the redemptive love of our Savior. On the cross, Jesus took on our sins, guilt, and shame and endured death to give us real hope and new life.

It is our great privilege, as followers of Christ, to share this Good News with those around us and invite them to Come to the Cross.

Crosses have been placed in the front of the Worship Center. These crosses will be covered with the names of unsaved friends and family members that we are inviting to Come to the Cross. As we place the names on the cross we commit to pray for God to move in their hearts and for us to boldly step out and share the gospel with them.



Every follower of Jesus needs FOUR kinds of people in our lives.
Paul, a more mature Christian
--who helps you grow in your relationship with Jesus

Barnabus, an equally mature believer
--who walks beside you to encourage and strengthen your walk in Christ

Timothy, a newer Christian
--that you help train to be a disciple of Jesus

Crispus, perhaps you’ve never heard of him
--it’s your mission is to find him and introduce him to the Savior
Who is YOUR Crispus?


Let’s believe God to do “great and mighty things” as we pray, share the gospel and invite people to Come to the Cross.