Israel Trip 2018

Join Dr. Stephen & Michele Rummage
Ten Life-changing days in the Holy Land
December 27, 2018- January 5, 2019


"This trip is now sold out. For further information, contact Templeton Tours, 1-800-334-2630"

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Brochures are available at the Moving Forward desk
on Sundays at the Brandon Campus.
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Thinking of joining Dr. Rummage and Michele on this trip to the Holy Land?
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Read these exciting testimonies and listen to how life and faith have been enriched.

"The trip to Israel was on my "bucket list", I wanted to walk where Jesus walked on earth before spending eternity with Him in heaven. It was truly amazing to see the very places He performed miracles, gave sermons, and interacted with people I have read about all my life in the bible. Almost too much to absorb! Wonderful, enriching experience!
Kathy Devlin

"On our trip to Israel, seeing the Sea of Galilee and surroundings, and then traveling south to the Dead Sea, has provided even greater clarity to understanding the bible and history. Even after returning, as I read and study, I am better able to visualize and gain greater insights! A lot to see, A lot to learn and absorb, A lot of walking and steps... but through it all, I have grown stronger both physically and spiritually! (I was on crutches, A lot harder than expected, but God blessed, and I am so thankful that I was able to go!)
Kathy Dougherty

"My pilgrimage to Israel was an amazing experience and truly an answer to prayer. The high point spiritually for me was the opportunity to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed before He was arrested, beaten, & crucified for not only my sins but for the sins of the world. Even though I don't attend BSBC, your folks were extremely kind to me in spite of my asthma. Our Messianic, Jewish guide was awesome on his knowledge of the region concerning both his Jewish background & Christian perspective. My life will never be the same.
Janet Bolinger

"My trip to the Holy Land gave true meaning to me of the words Holy Land. It brought to light everything I ever studied in scripture. Seeing where it all happened made me desire to go deeper in God's word. Everyday there I felt my heart kneeling before my God and King. Can’t wait to go back!
Linda Schilling

"I have taken three exciting trips with Dr. Rummage and Michele to the Holy Land. The scripture came alive as I toured the land where it all took place thousands of years ago. I experienced the present day culture of modern Israel and even got a glimpse into the future for the third temple. Each trip has deepened my faith and refreshed my soul.
Brian McNamara

"Going to Israel has enriched my relationship with Christ and has provided a visual context to my bible study.  I think it's a trip ALL Christians should make."
Greta Bennett

"Exploring the land of Israel was truly a life changing pilgrimage.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to gain a much deeper understanding of the Word of God.  A visit to the Holy Land is a treasure that transforms one’s life!"
Kathy Wooldridge

"Our journey to the Holy Land ...was an unforgettable experience for us. It was a gift from God to know the places where our Lord Jesus Christ visited in his life throughout Israel. As Christians, it gave us a very deep feeling of Christ. The faith and reading of the bible comes alive! The holy places we visited in the Holy Land were very safe...and the people were very friendly.  The roads are very modern, the hotels were well located, spotless, and provided comfortable accommodations. The meals very abundant, the lunch stops, and breaks were well thought out, and our convenience and safety were always a primary concern. The tour guide and driver were very professionals, treated us with profound respect and created a connection of faith and love in [our] understanding of Israel and history.  This was a wonderful, enlightening, and inspirational experience!  The tour itself was extremely comprehensive and we heartily recommend this experience to everyone."
Dr. Ervin and Wanda Rodriguez