Men's Ministry Brandon Campus





Our Men’s Ministry exists to encourage men to know Christ and to be better men not busier men. We believe in supporting our Pastor through prayer, encouragement, love and service as our top commitment in our church.

We understand that men come in different shapes and sizes, have different backgrounds, personalities, education, and passions and yet we all need a brother and a strong faith in Christ.If you need encouragement, discipleship, friendship or recreation; then the Band of Brothers Men’s Ministry is the place for you!

Our mission is to encourage each man to grow in Christ.

Our purpose is to ensure that no man is left behind in the battle for men’s souls.  

Our vision is a Band of Brothers who are:

  • Bold in their love for Christ
  • Bold in their love for each other
  • Bold in their love for their families

Our Men’s Ministry seeks to help Men:

  • Grow in their faith in Jesus Christ
  • Build friendships that honor our Lord
  • Learn their role as a man
  • Develop leadership qualities
  • Establish a Godly reputation
  • Value their families more than their work or themselves
  • Create large and small events to invite their friends to hear the gospel on a man’s level
  • Experience God’s purposes for their lives











Opportunities to connect with others...

Men need to provide the model for Christian living in their homes. There are several opportunities offered for you to grow in your relationship with Christ each week listed below. 

One to One 

One to One Discipleship is a nine-session course to learn the basics of your Christian faith. It helps lay foundation stones upon which one can build the rest of their lives. This ministry focuses on Men developing one-to-one friendships, where they can meet and discuss the lesson, pray and learn from one another, and grow together in faith while building each other up. Please e-mail Fred Rio or Mike Lancaster if you are interested in One-to-One Discipleship. The last command Jesus gave His disciples was “go and make disciples …”