P3 Parenting Conference

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Save the Date! - February 24-25, 2017


Parenting – it is one of our greatest joys and yet most challenging responsibilities we have in life. At Bell Shoals Baptist we want to support and encourage parents in following biblical principles as they raise their children in a decidedly post-Christian world.  Working together, the age group ministries of Bell Shoals Baptist (all campuses), our Bell Shoals Baptist Academy, and the FISH Homeschool ministry are bringing you the second annual P3 Parenting Conference on February 24-25, 2017. 

We are designing this conference to be Purposeful, Practical, and Powerful.  Guest Chandler Roberts will lead our worship and Jay Strothers and Laura Gallier be our keynote speakers.  Breakout sessions will be available on Friday night and Saturday featuring multiple speakers.  Optional meals are available for Friday night and Saturday at lunch, preregistration is required.  Scroll down for detailed conference information.

Plan now to be a part of this conference and invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

Registration now available.  Please be aware registration for preschool childcare and meals will end Sunday, February 19, 2017.



P3 Parent Conference Schedule


6:00 – 6:30 PM  Optional Dinner  Special Events Center (Preregistration Required)
6:45 – 7:00 PM  Worship with Chandler Roberts  Chapel
7:00 – 7:45 PM  Main Session  Chapel

Purposeful Parenting: Every Home – Jay Strother
The average “active church goer” now attends church twice a month.  2 hours out of 672 isn’t enough to form a faith foundation.  Going back to Moses’ instructions to the generation destined to inherit the Promised Land, we discover that every home is to be a place where God’s Word is read, understood, repeated and obeyed.  In this session, we gain biblical insights into how every home of every type can be a center of godly influence.

8:00 – 9:00 PM  Break Out Sessions  Annex

Purity focused workshop for parents of teens – Laura Gallier
Parents, gain the information and inspiration you need to confidently and effectively discuss sex-related values with your teenagers in a way that generates heartfelt convictions in young people. Learn how to combat today's pornography epidemic and empower your teen to overcome sex-related pitfalls.

Better Together – Jay Strother
When God brings together a husband and wife, He creates a team that is “better together” for not only their joy but for His purposes in training up the next generation.  In this workshop we’ll discuss key principles for parenting on the same page that will foster unity and increase effectiveness in the home.

If I could do it all over again – Gary Payne
Words of wisdom from Gary Payne on some things God has taught him and Eva Jo along their journey of parenting and now grandparenting.

Capturing and Keeping the Heart of Your Child – Susan Roberts
There is no greater joy than seeing your children grow up filled with joy, purpose, a deep love for others, a true love and connection with their family and with a heart that is fully committed to their Lord and Savior!  We all have that dream for our children, but the daily grind of life can get our vision side tracked and off that goal.  Proverbs 24:3-4 says “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established;  By knowledge the rooms are filled with all the precious and pleasant riches.” If you want your home and your children’s hearts to be filled with the precious and pleasant riches of God, then be committed to the goal of raising wholehearted children.  Come and be inspired by practical and Biblically grounded ways that you can capture your child’s heart and abiding love for you, your family and for Jesus, from an early age and for life!


8:30 – 8:45 AM  Worship with Chandler Roberts   Chapel
8:45 - 9:30 AM  Main Session    Chapel

Winning the Invisible War at Home – Laura Gallier
Learn how to turn family divisions and frustrations into a united stand against the real enemy who seeks to destroy households. Gain tools to overcome unwanted thoughts, habits, and relational patterns that undermine a fulfilling family life.

9:45 – 10:30 AM  Break Out Sessions 1  Annex

God Moments: Discipling at the Speed of Life  – Jay Strother
Did you know you are already shaping beliefs in your kids?  You’re either intentional or you’re not.  In this session, we’ll learn how to identify and capture “God moments” – those teachable moments that happen every single day.  Catch them while you can, because once that moment is gone, its gone forever!  Don’t miss a God-orchestrated opportunity.

Dating – Laura Gallier
Parents, discover a biblical perspective and approach to dating that inspires young people to put Christ first as they experience romantic attractions. Learn how to help your kids make choices now that pave the way for a healthy marriage later.

Social Media – Chandler Roberts Quarles
Come learn how to navigate the world of social media with your teen as you find out What, Why, and How. What is social media and what platforms are out there? Why does it matter to your teen and why should it matter to you? And finally, how can you help your child navigate that world wisely.

I will Survive! Preschool – Patty Stanley
Suppose we remove the words annoyed and exhausted from our parenting profile and engage the words encouraged, and empowered. By examining Scriptural patterns of God’s nurturing and responding to us, we can utilize empowering, practical steps to stretch our preschoolers to refreshing potentials.  Let’s consider how preschoolers think, what they need, and how to cultivate a nurturing and clear discipline into our parenting strengths.  Enjoy your children, they are amazing.

What am I Missing at Home – Biblical Worldview – Suzanne Nunn
Every parent has that moment. You know, THAT moment when you stop and have to ask yourself if, in the middle of the crazy days, “are you equipping your kids to be responsible, productive adults?”. Isn’t that really what we are all striving for? After all, if we raise successful, responsible and productive adults then we were obviously great parents, right? But what if that isn’t all there is to it? What if, in the midst of teaching your children the “most important” things, you missed the boat? Have you given them the MOST important tool for success in their adult life? Your charge as a Christian parent is to accomplish far more than raising successful adults for this earthly season. The goal is to raise brothers and sisters in Christ for eternity. Join Suzanne as she talks about the one thing you don’t want to miss at home – teaching your children a biblical worldview.

You Asked For It – Panel of Middle/High School Principals
Come participate in a panel discussion with local Principals of high performing middle and high schools. The purpose of this breakout session is to provide parents the opportunity to ask questions related to traditional school expectations, requirements for participation in various school offerings, and clarification regarding culture and climate issues.

Help! I’m a parent of a teenager – Mike & Katie Wertz, Chris & Peggy Shoucair and Rex & Amber Robbins 
You enter a whole new phase of your parenting when your kids become teenagers?  Do you wish you could ask questions about parenting teenagers to someone who has some experience?  In this session you will be able to ask questions of couples who have multiple teenagers and they will share from their knowledge and experiences what has worked for them, or maybe what hasn’t worked so well.  Questions will be texted so you can feel free to ask any questions. 

10:45 – 11:30 AM  Break Out Sessions 2  Annex

Count the Days: Biblical Wisdom for Crazy Busy Families Jay Strother

Looking at Psalm 90, this session helps equip us with a biblical understanding of time so that we will learn to set priorities and make wise daily choices with the limited amount of time we have to be intentional with our kids.  This session includes a section on the influence of technology on our time.

Beginning the Path to Purity (for parents of elementary age and preschool) Laura Gallier
Based on Laura's book ‘Beginning the Path to Purity’, parents learn why it's important to address issues surrounding sexual morality, even when kids are too young to learn about the mechanics of sex. Discover how to go about laying a solid foundation of purity on which parents can build throughout the teen years.

Social Media – Chandler Roberts Quarles
See description above

I will Survive! Preschool – Patty Stanley
See description above

What am I Missing at Home – Biblical Worldview – Suzanne Nunn
See description above

You Asked For It – Panel of Middle/High School Principals
See description above

Help! I’m a parent of a teenager – Mike & Katie Wertz, Chris & Peggy Shoucair and Rex & Amber Robbins 
See description above

Special Needs  Brenda Springer and Beth Bailey
Parents and caregivers of family members with special needs (any age) learn of programs in place that make it possible to worship and receive emotional and spiritual encouragement during your journey.  Find out how to get connected to the HOPE special needs ministry (He Offers People Encouragement) and LOVE support group for moms (Lord Orchestrates Victory in Everything).

11:45 – 12:00 PM  Worship with Chandler Roberts  Chapel
12:00 – 12:45 PM  Main Session  Chapel

Powerful Parenting: Bless + Empower  – Jay Strother
Drawing on a number of biblical examples, we’ll discuss practical ways every home can be “built” on a foundation of Christ, framed through shared experiences, protected by instilling biblical truth, affirmed by the uniqueness of each person and how each home can catch a vision for sharing Christ with others.

12:45 – 1:00 PM  Closing
1:15 PM  Optional lunch  Special Events Center (Preregistration Required)

Q&A with Jay and Laura


Jay Strother

Jay Strother is the Campus and Teaching Pastor of The Church at Station Hill, a regional campus of Brentwood (TN) Baptist Church.  He previously served as the Next Generation Minister developing a family-equipping model for the spiritual formation of preschoolers, children and students.  Jay is a graduate of Greenville (IL) College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He’s the author of Loving Well: Healthy Relationships (equippedchurch.es, 2016), a contributing author to Perspectives on Family Ministry (B&H, 2009), Trained in the Fear of God (Kregel, 2011) and an author of several small group and video resources.  His favorite stories come from the adventures of life with his wife, their three active girls and their adopted son from Nepal.  Jay enjoys good books, strong coffee and St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

Laura Gallier

Laura is on a mission to know and love God and make His love known. Her passion for the Lord dates back to her young adult years, when God rescued her out of a promiscuous, defeated lifestyle. Moved to compassion by our society’s lack of understanding of the sacredness of sex and marriage, Laura’s writing and speaking ministry began in 2008 with an emphasis on sexual integrity. In addition, she facilitates teachings that expose the strategies of our unseen enemy, empowering individuals and families to overcome longstanding enemies of the soul—oppressive thoughts, emotions, and habits.


Chandler Roberts

Chandler Roberts is a worship leader based in Nashville, TN where she leads at Fellowship Bible Church and works as a radio promoter in the Christian music industry.She studied vocal performance and songwriting at Belmont University (where she met and began playing music with her husband, Jeremy) and has released two EPs, Art from the Ashes and The Color Ep which are available on iTunes, Spotify and other digital retailers. Since graduating from Belmont, her heart has been clearly pulled toward a passion not only for music, but for music as worship in the church. She is passionate about the impact that music has on the church body and about seeing Jesus' name lifted high in corporate worship around the country and the world.