Bell Shoals Girlfriends!

Changing Hearts. Changing Lives. One Girlfriend at a Time.

Welcome to Girlfriends Unlimited at Bell Shoals Baptist Church, a.k.a. Bell Shoals Girlfriends, where women live abundantly, laugh heartily and love passionately. We believe in giving women a place to connect with other women, develop their relationship with Jesus and grow to reach their full potential in Christ!



813-689-4229 ext. 482

Girlfriend to Girlfriend discipleship is a nine session course for one believer to help another believer to learn the basics of her Christian faith. It helps lay the foundation stones upon which you can build the rest of your life.

Topics include…

Assurance of Salvation Attributes of God The Bible Prayer The Spirit Filled Life Fellowship Witnessing Temptation Obedience

On-Our-Knnes-2 Girlfriends firmly believes in the power of prayer, and in being on our knees in prayer for one another. Through ministries like Partners in Prayer and the Intercessory Prayer Room we turn to God for comfort when we are hurting, peace when we are anxious, and encouragement when our souls are downcast.


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