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At Bell Shoals we believe that in order for people to connect with each other and grow in their faith they must be in a small group. It's where the big church becomes small. And it's where people can do life together.  We call our small group ministry "LIFE Groups." 

Our LIFE Groups have a multi-faceted purpose. While each participants' experience will be unique, they will include these common elements of LIFE: 

L – Learn
I – Invest
F – Fellowship
E – Extend 
LIFE Groups

Learn - through Bible study, discussion, and prayer; 

Invest - through missions and community service; 

Fellowship - through building and developing supportive Christian relationships; and

Extend - through inviting, mentoring, and evangelizing.


At Apollo Beach we have LIFE Groups that meet throughout the week, both on- and off-campus.  We would love to connect you with a group.  Please click the "I Want to Join" button below or email the LIFE Group that interests you from the selections below.

If you still have questions please give us a call at 813-641-2222. 

If you are interested in facilitating a LIFE Group or opening your home as a HOST home, please email our Associate Minister at

I want to join a life group.



9:15 AM All Adults*

Nathan Meek

Joel Meek

(813) 418-2581


Room C-3

9:15 AM

Senior Adults*

Ed Brown


Room C-1

11:00 AM

All Adults - S.A.L.T.

(Sharing And Learning Together)*

Michael Adams

(214) 551-9302



Room C-1

11:00 AM

Grupo de vida en Español*

Walter Lora

(813) 205-4942

En La Iglesia

Salon C-2

4:00 PM All ages*

Brad & Elsa Tempia

(719) 208-2165

Big Bend & 301 Area


5:00 PM All Adults

Danny Marsh

(813) 523-0885

Apollo Beach Blvd

Apollo Beach

6:00 PM All Adults

Dan Collis

(813) 244-8903

College Ave


8:00 PM All Adults

Derek & Jada Bush

(813) 846-6596 / (813) 323-1509


Apollo Beach



6:30 PM

Men's Bible Study

Click here for details.

6:30 PM

Women's Bible Study

Click here for details.


6:30 PM Adults 55+

Steve Shaneman

(813) 331-3972

Sun City Center
7:00 PM Adults All Ages

Steve Wood

(813) 922-4540

Gulf City Rd


7:00 PM Adults All Ages

Charlie Hill

(813) 277-4944


Room C-1


6:30 PM

Men's Bible Study

Click here for details.

6:30 PM

Women's Bible Study

Click here for details.

6:30 PM

Adults All Ages*

Elmer Poe

(252) 362-5900


Room C-1


6:30 PM

Couples & Single Again


Dan Favuzza

(302) 584-2202


Anthony Fridella

(813) 928-6405


Apollo Beach


6:45 PM

Adults All Ages*

Chad Bardsley

(813) 928-5768

South Cove / South Fork Area


7:00 PM

College Aged

18-24 Years Old

Pastor Steven Warren

(813) 641-2222

Steve and Jen Adams


Student Center

* = Indicates childcare may be available -- to plan properly, please contact LIFE Group ahead of time.
NOTE:  Some homes may have pets.  If this is a potential concern, please contact LIFE Group ahead of time.






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Apollo Beach LIFE Groups

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Apollo Beach offers LIFE groups on multiple days, please let us know which day best suits you.

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