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At Bell Shoals we believe that in order for people to connect with each other and grow in their faith they must be in a small group. It's where the big church becomes small. And it's where people can do life together. We call our small group ministry "LIFE Groups."  There are multiple LIFE Groups for you to choose from that will help you to get involved through fellowship and serving.  Search the tables below or download the PDF of Brandon Sunday Morning LIFE Groups for the complete list of offerings.

I want to join a LIFE group


8:00 AM Couples 20-34 Jason Beattie & Tom Odom Annex 3
9:15 AM


Couples &

Singles 23-34

Kert Rojka & Eddie Sims

Multi-Purpose Center
9:15 AM Parents of Young Children Bobby Roberts Annex 15
11:00 AM Couples 23-34

Isaac Treesh & Chris Butson

Annex 6
11:00 AM 1828 (18-28 years old College +) Mark Hutchinson & Jon Baker Fellowship Hall


8:00 AM Adults All Ages Bob Smith Annex 4
8:00 AM Adults All Ages Joe Conley Fellowship Hall
8:00 AM Adults All Ages Jim Townsend Annex 13
8:00 AM Adults 40+ Andy Adcock Annex 1
8:00 AM Couples 45-65 Mike Barton Annex 11
8:00 AM Men 35+ Gary Hendricks Annex 6
8:00 AM Women 40+ Mellie Mabry Annex 12


9:15 AM Adults All Ages Ed Hancock Annex 6
9:15 AM Adults All Ages Steven Rosales Annex 12
9:15 AM Adults 45+ Bob Knepp Annex 10
9:15 AM Choir & Music

Ron Haynes

Choir Loft
9:15 AM Couples Jeff Beriswill Fellowship Hall
9:15 AM Couples 35-45 Steve Lindquist Annex 5
9:15 AM Couples 35-60 Eddie Mercer Annex 1
9:15 AM Couples 50-70 Dennis Kestler Annex 4
9:15 AM Adults All Ages

Charles Young

Annex 8
9:15 AM Singles 35+ Rick Konsulis Annex 3


11:00 AM Adults All Ages Bill Blount Annex 1
11:00 AM Adults All Ages Phil Stevens Annex 15
11:00 AM Adults 50+ Craig Vandiver Annex 13
11:00 AM Couples 35+ Paul Sherman Multi-Purpose Center
11:00 AM Couples 40-60 Howard Bryant Annex 5
11:00 AM Women 35+ Clara NeSmith Annex 12
11:00 AM Adults All Ages Sieg Hildebrandt Annex 8


8:00 AM Adults 60+ Cliff Bassett Annex 5
8:00 AM Adults 65+ Bob Darden North Worship Center 125
8:00 AM Couples 65+ Ray Murray South Worship Center 177
9:15 AM Couples 65+ Joe Guffey South Worship Center 177
9:15 AM Adults Ron Say North Worship Center 125
11:00 AM Couples 65+ Arnold Gonzalez Annex 10
11:00 AM Couples 65+ John Peter South Worship Center 177
11:00 AM Women 75+ Ann MacRitchie North Worship Center 125
11:00 AM

Widows All Ages  

(Morning Glories)

Carolyn Jones Annex 11


11:00 AM All Ages Brenda Springer

Portable west of

Special Events Center

LIFE Groups for Children are available at 8:00, 9:15 and 11:00 am in the following locations:

Preschool/check-in at kiosks in B Building (age 0 - K-5)
Children/check-in at kiosks in B Building (1st - 6th grade)*
Middle School/The Point (6th - 8th grade)*
     9:15 am is the primary hour for Middle School Students
High School/The Point (9th - 12th grade)
     11:00 am is the primary hour for the High School Students

*If your child is in the 6th grade, when they start LIFE Groups you/they have a choice of whether to participate in the Children's or Student Ministry. Either the Children's or Student Pastor can help you understand the differences so you can make the best decision for your child.


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Brandon LIFE Groups

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The Brandon Campus also offers classes on Wednesday nights.

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