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Bell Shoals Baptist Church is an Acts 1:8 mission-minded church. The heartbeat of our staff is to relay the message that there is much work to be done for the Kingdom of God. We are a people passionate about reaching the lost in our community, our country and in strategic foreign continents. This relentless pursuit of the lost soul is ingrained in the DNA of our church.  Each year the Lord seems to call more people to go, more people to give, and more people to surrender to the call of full time missions. God has called each one of us to be on mission. The needs of a lost world are waiting, across the street and around the world. Is God calling you to meet one of them? If so…

  • Respond with a willing heart.
  • Go where He sends you.
  • Trust Him as you walk in obedience.

Resources (for download):
These are fillable forms. Please complete all that apply and email them to

GO Term is 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of service with select ministry partners for students age 18-25. For more information contact us at   or download the GO Term Brochure.

What is Hearts & Hammers Ministry? Demonstrating our love for people, ministry volunteers will use their time and talents to meet the physical needs of those around us while creating an opportunity to share our faith in Jesus Christ, and pray for and encourage the believer.

Why is Hearts & Hammers needed? Maintaining a home can be challenging for many in our church, some of whom have limited financial resources. Hearts & Hammers volunteer crews provide a helping hand, especially for our senior adults who cannot, or should not take on physically challenging projects or climb ladders.

What types of projects will be considered? Our volunteers comprised of LIFE Groups, families, and individuals will focus on non-repetitive projects that can be completed in a single day. Most will be simple home repairs involving carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting, masonry, tile/flooring, heavy cleaning, yard cleanup, and trash removal.

Who can Volunteer? Projects will be fulfilled by qualified LIFE Groups, families, and individuals of Bell Shoals Baptist Church who wish to help. People with specific skills are always needed and the volunteer form allows you to identify the particular skills you have. Volunteer forms are available in the missions area at the north end of the Welcome Hall, or you can request to have them sent to you via email by contacting us at:  or calling the ministry office at 689-4229 ext. 299.

Ready to be that next-level leader in your home, at church, or at work?

Don't know where to start?

We are here to help.

We know that leadership doesn't happen by accident. It is demonstrated by those who are prepared.

Leaders know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Leaders do more than influence people. They take them where they need to go and achieve what needs to be achieved. In the case of Christians, they help people achieve what Jesus has called and sent them to do. Nothing is more important.

Leaders don’t need titles, positions, or recognition. They are get-the-job-done, can-do people who instill courage, confidence, and conviction. Leaders are game changers. Leaders are not content to stand, and watch life go by. They are determined to make a difference in time—and eternity.

If you’re ready to be that kind of person in your family, church, and workplace and need some serious leadership training to help you get there, you could be ready for Leadership 3.1.

Sign up today for Leadership 3.1. We meet every Monday in the Fellowship Hall of Bell Shoals Baptist Church’s Brandon Campus from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Be prepared. Leadership 3.1 will change your life. More importantly, it will help you become the kind of leader your family, church, and workplace are depending on to guide them into the future.

Here’s a sampling of the training designed to take you to your next level of leadership:

    • How to handle change without blowing up your home, church, or workplace
    • Courage and compromise: Getting it right
    • Developing transformational leadership qualities & skills
    • How to effectively handle difficult people with grace
    • How to avoid the dark side of leadership
    • Failing forward without falling on your face
    • The leadership lifecycle: Where are you?

To register, click on this link HERE and follow the instructions for submission.