Marriage Mentor Ministry


Mondays, October 19-November 23 | 7 PM Central Time
$34 per couple
Registration closed

Marriage Mentoring

Our Marriage Mentoring Ministry is based on biblical principles, loyalty and family unity. Our Mentor Couples are trained in a step-by-step process that is proven to help couples in all stages of their marriage relationships. It is a hands-on method of mediation and negotiation, empowering couples to solve their own issues. It is unique in that it's designed to be effective for premarital couples, couples wanting to enrich their marriage, and couples whose marriage is struggling or in crisis but desire to restore the health of their marriage. The role of the mentor is to mediate first, teach biblical truth second, and confront core issues third. Mentees love it because it is focused specifically on their life issues and they enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when solving their own challenges.

Our Mentoring Couples use a process of coaching rather than lecturing. This powerfully-designed process has helped thousands of couples across the country to navigate the issues that marriages often face. In a confidential atmosphere of listening, support and encouragement, mentored couples are guided to openly and respectfully communicate and negotiate with each other to agree on solutions.

Marriage Mentoring provides couples the chance to explore their relationships with unbiased, caring mentors who are willing to invest in them for 5 - 10 weeks using a powerful system that teaches couples how to navigate the challenges of married life in today's world.

If you and your spouse would like to be mentored, please complete the application form and payment by clicking links below.  The fee to participate in Marriage Mentoring is $50/couple. This fee covers the cost of materials used by the mentored couple each week.

For more information on Marriage Mentoring or if you need assistance with the cost, please contact Shawn Moser in the Care Ministry office located at our Brandon Campus (813) 689-4229 ext.231.