LIFE Groups at Palm River

Currently, our Life Groups aren't meeting in-person just yet. Some groups meet virtually on ZOOM. Stay tuned for exciting updates on re-opening!

At Bell Shoals we believe that in order for people to connect with each other and grow in their faith they must be in a small group. It's where the big church becomes small. And it's where people can do life together.  We call our small group ministry "LIFE Groups." 

Our LIFE Groups have a multi-faceted purpose. While each participants' experience will be unique, they will include these common elements of LIFE:  L – Learn, I – Invest, F – Fellowship, E – Extend.

LIFE Groups are committed to learning (through Bible study, discussion, and prayer), investing (through missions and community service), fellowshipping (through building/developing supportive Christian relationships), and extending (through inviting, mentoring, and evangelizing).

At Palm River we have Adult LIFE Groups that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am before the Worship Service.

9:45 AM Adult 50+ Jerry Couzens
9:45 AM Women Vivian Bordeaux
Interested in joining a LIFE Group? 

Palm River LIFE Groups

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