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Grace Is Greater

First Wednesday

A time to come together for amazing worship, intimate prayer and insightful Bible teaching led by some to the best-known minds in the evangelical world.  To view each sermon in this series click here.

Unstoppable: The Story of the Church in Acts

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the first century church grew from a handful of believers in Jerusalem to expand all over ancient civilization. In fact, Acts 17:6 says these first Christians turned the world upside down! Jesus can use the church in the 21st century just as He used the earliest believers to transform our world with the gospel. With God’s mission and power, Bell Shoals can be an unstoppable church.

Thanks for Giving

Thank you may be the most under-appreciated phrase on the planet. There’s never a downside to simply saying, thanks, and yet most of us don’t say it nearly enough— to one another or to God. The book of Psalms gives lots of reasons to show thankfulness to the Lord and also provides great examples of how to do it. In this series, we’ll amp up our gratitude level as we thank God for giving to us.

Life After Life - Answers About The Hereafter

Followers of Jesus have a wonderful future ahead of us with God in Heaven. In this series, Life After Life, we’ll take a look at what the Bible says about Heaven and the hereafter.