Current Series

Grace Is Greater

Are We There Yet? Big Questions Along the Road.

On a road trip, there’s one question heard more than any other: “Are we there yet?’ While the question is simple enough, if we ask it about our own lives, it becomes much more difficult to answer. Where are we even going? Are we stuck at a roadblock? Lost on a detour? Maybe we even have a flat tire.

Expect the Unexpected

God does surprising things as we walk with Him, and His surprises always reveal His power, grace, and love.


We all have things in our lives that we wish were better. How do we go about getting better? As followers of Jesus Christ, we can expect better days ahead!

The Marks of a Disciple

At Bell Shoals we've identified 7 marks of a disciple of Jesus. Our marks are the attributes or characteristics of an individual's life that reflect accomplishment of our mission. Join us this series as we explore all seven. 

Route 66

In this series we look at each of the 66 books of the Bible to see what God has done and what God desires to do in our lives.

Promises that Never Break

Have you ever made a promise? Does God keep His promises? In this series we will see what promises God has made and which ones He promises to keep.