We grow deeper because God isn’t finished with us.

What is a D-Group?

Disciple-making groups (D-Groups) are closed groups of 4-6 men or women (gender-specific) that meet 60-90 minutes on a weekly basis over the course of one year.

What to Expect?

D-Group members commit to meet weekly and focus on five areas during the group’s time together. We call it the SHAPE model.

1. Study

2. Hide God’s Word in your heart

3. Accountability

4. Prayer

5. External Focus

Let us help you find a D-Group!

These groups are much more than study groups. These groups are designed not just to disciple, but to make disciple-makers. The Bible calls this The Great Commission. It’s what Jesus instructed his followers to do.

Want to lead a D-Group?

Growth and multiplication occurs when those who have been disciples go on to disciple others. Learn how to be a D-Group leader.