We desire each person to connect and actively live life in community through LIFE Groups. Do you want to make friends, be part of community, and serve with others? Our LIFE Groups offer a place where you can “do life” with others in your same stage of life, while studying God’s Word.


Life-stage Specific
Open to All
On-campus (primarily on Sundays)
Off-campus (throughout the week)
Sermon-based Curriculum

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Group Options

Apollo Beach Campus

Senior Adults (Dale Hill)
9:15 AM | C1

All Ages (Randy McKeithan)
11:00 AM | C2

Median Adults (Meek)
11:00 AM | C1

Couples 30-45 (Adrian Pascual)
4:00 PM | Off-Campus

College-Age (Jim Roark/Josh Hill)
5:00 PM | Off-Campus

All Ages (Rob Rieke/Lee Collis)
6:00 PM | C1

All Ages (Robert Wilshire)
6:30 PM | Off-Campus

All Ages (Charlie Hill)
7:00 PM | C1

All Ages (Elmer Poe)
7:00 PM | C9

Young Adult Couples (Trevor & Kathleen Brate)
6:00 PM | Cafe

Senior Adults (John & Karen Goode)
7:00 PM | ZOOM

Young Adult Couples (Kevin & Lynne Curren)
7:00 PM | Off-Campus

Co-ed 35-45 (Chad Bardsley)
6:45 PM | Off-Campus


Brandon Campus


Adults All Ages Co-ed (Andy Adcock)
Annex E-5

Adults All Ages Men (Bill Blount)
Annex E-3

Senior Adult Couples (Jim Townsend)
Annex E-4

Senior Adult Couples (Mike Barton)
Annex E-11

Senior Adult Couples (Cliff Bassett)
Annex E-1

Senior Adult Co-ed (Bob Smith)
Annex E-6

Senior Adult Co-ed (Terry Payton)
Worship Center North 177

Senior Adult Women (Mellie Mabry)
Worship Center 125


Young Adult Couples 20-29 (Paul Segodo)
Annex E-3

Young Adult Singles 23-34 (Michael Penny)
Fellowship Hall

Young Adult Couples 30-45 (Matthew Rhine)
Annex E-15

Young Adult Couples 30-45 (Justin Northcutt/Bryan Lovell)
Annex E-6

Young Adult Couples 30-45 (Isaac Treesh/Mike Looper)
Annex E-5

Median Adult Couples 46-59 (Steve Lindquist/Alex Reichard)
Annex E-4

Senior Adult Couples (Dennis Kestler)
Worship Center 125

Senior Adult Co-ed (Ron Say)
Worship Center South 177

Adult Singles All Ages (Rick Konsulis)
Annex E-11

Adult Couples All Ages (Eddie Mercer)
Annex E-12

Adults All Ages Co-ed (Bill Blount)
Annex E-1

Post Addiction Family Life Group (Charles Young)
Annex E-13

SUNDAYS | 11:00 AM

Young Adult Couples 30-45 (Jason Beattie/Tom Odom)
Annex E-11

Young Adult Singles 30-45 (Rob Webb)
Fellowship Hall

Median Adult Couples 46-59 (Paul Sherman)
Annex E-4

Senior Adult Co-ed (Dan Montefu)
Annex E-15

Senior Adult Couples (David Duncan)
Worship Center South 177

Senior Adults Co-ed (Phil Stevens/Patrick Jean-Pierre)
Annex E-13

Adults Co-ed 50+ (Bob Knepp/Dave Lockhart)
Annex E-12

Adults All Ages Co-ed (Gary Payne)
Annex E-1

Adult Couples 50+ (Howard Bryant)
Annex E-5

Adult Couples 50-69 (Sandy Shook)
Annex E-3

Adult Women 30+ (Clara NeSmith)
Worship Center 125

Widows (Carolyn Jones)
Annex E-6

Bell Shoals Español

Adultos Edades 23-45 (Castro) | C201

Adultos Edades 46-59 (Cantu) | C211/212

Adultos Edad 60+ (Rodriguez/Arzon) |C214

Riverview Campus

Adults All Ages (Ben Chase/Clay Cartwright)
9:30 AM | On-Campus

Adults All Ages (Mark Towers)
6:30 PM | Off-Campus

Adults All Ages – Worship (Josiah Stroud)
6:30 PM | On-Campus

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